Eastern Ontario Elementary Honour Band


On Friday May 6th the second annual Eastern Ontario Elementary Honour Band started. I was honoured to be a part of this band. My name is Avery, Avery McCord. I'm in grade 8 at Sir Winston Churchill Public School. I have been playing tuba for 3 years. At my school, I am a member of the senior concert and jazz bands, as well as the 6 piece brass ensemble.

At my school I am the only senior tubist, there are no other bass instruments other than trombones and bass guitars. EOEHB gave me the chance to play with instruments that I don't normally have the chance to play with and to experience a different balance. The music was fun and the conductor was great! I found this experience to be very rewarding. This was an opportunity that helped me grow my skills as a musician, which will help in high school as I continue playing tuba. Thank you for the t¬shirt, the snacks and the whole experience! Especially thank you to the volunteers, who ensured the musicians had a great time.

Avery McCord, Tuba – winner of the IMC Scholarship

I had fun this past weekend at EOEHB, it was a great opportunity to play with really good musicians that I had never even met before. I had a lot of fun playing on the suspended cymbal and the timpani. The food was also really good there too:)! The songs that we played were really fun to play and I'm glad I was part of it, as I said it was really fun and thank you for setting all of this up for all of the musicians. And I hope they had as much fun as I did.

Aedan Ingram, Percussion

I can't express how blown away I am by what you all accomplished. Yesterday was a wonderful afternoon and great a Mother's Day for my Mum, my Nanny, my son's step¬mum and his Mom as well. I'm blown away by the talent I witnessed yesterday. Absolutely amazed by the kids and what they accomplished in a couple days. I think EOEHB is a fantastic program and incredibly important. I'm so proud, grateful and happy that my son had the opportunity to participate. I also thought it was fantastic that a scholarship to the camp was given away. Judging by the tuba players reaction, you guys couldn't have chosen better. It was awesome to see it go to a student who really appreciated what she was receiving and will know do take full advantage of it. BLOWN AWAY! I wish this program all the best in the future and hope it continues for years to come as music is so incredibly important for kids and needs more emphasis with more opportunity.

Matt Ingram, Parent