OBA Positions

Post Date: June 17, 2017

The Ontario Band Association has a vacancy on its team, and this could be your chance to get involved with us! The OBA proudly supports band education through various symposia, multiple festivals, and a continually growing number of honour bands. Countless students have benefitted directly from participation in our ensembles, and indirectly as their teachers take advantage of the excellent professional development offered through the OBA.

The OBA is currently looking for members interested in the following position. Job description is given below. If you would like to join us as we “build better bands” together, please contact the President, Scott Harrison, at president@onband.ca, before August 31, 2017.

The Ontario Band Association has a vacancy in the position of Communications Co-ordinator.

  1. Report to the President
  2. Oversee the OBA’s social media accounts in a secure and professional manner;
  3. Regularly update news on the OBA’s social media accounts to effectively promote OBA events;
  4. Work with the Webmaestro to integrate social media applications on the OBA website;
  5. Maintain an up-to-date e-mail membership list with the assistance of the Membership Director;
  6. Maintain regular communication with OBA event directors to ensure that current information is communicated through social media;
  7. Solicit information on a monthly basis for a membership e-mail broadcast (the “Monthly Musical Interlude”);
  8. Investigate and propose additional methods of communication to the Board;
  9. Arrange for the collection of audio, video, and/or photographs from OBA events, and ensure that any broadcast of said artifacts is in keeping with privacy laws and OBA guidelines;
  10. Maintain lists of contacts in the media, community groups, and arts/music co-ordinators at Boards of Education throughout the Province;
  11. Write a report detailing initiatives and issues concerning the Communications Portfolio to be presented at every meeting of the Board of Directors.